A Website Designer plans, creates and codes web pages to produce a website. Possessing technical IT skills and graphic creativity, they ensure the website aligns with a sports organisation or business’s identity and philosophy.

Comfortable with Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch, their finished design works across the varying formats of desktops, tablets and smartphones. It meets technical specifications demanded by the website’s code and considers SEO requirements. Upon completion, testing and maintenance is required – as well as general upkeep for new content.


A Website Designer is often confused with a Website Developer. Though they both work on a website, a Website Designer is responsible for its visual appeal while a Website Developer brings the Designer’s creation to life through coding.


Experience and technical ability is valued over education. An undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Graphic Design or a related field is beneficial but not essential. Many Website Designers are self-taught.


A portfolio of relevant website design work is essential. This should feature numerous examples of design case studies that showcase design skills – even if the work was for a personal project or friend’s website. Voluntary work with community clubs, charities, universities or societies is advantageous, while evidence of attendance at CPD events is also desirable.


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