A Strength & Conditioning Coach designs and delivers individual and group sessions to increase players’ physical attributes. Using the latest scientific principles, these sessions improve players’ strength and conditioning while reducing their chance of injury. Their sessions take place in the gym and on the training field. The role requires a regular monitoring of players’ performances to make sure that they are constantly challenged and continuously improving.


A Strength & Conditioning Coach works in microcycles, mesocycles and macrocycles so that players peak their performance at the right time. This takes careful planning and constant assessment.


All applicants should hold an undergraduate degree in Sport Science or relevant subject. A postgraduate degree specialising on the Strength & Conditioning aspect of Sport Science is advantageous. UKSCA accreditation is non-negotiable. If an applicant does not have this qualification, they must indicate their willingness to achieve it within the six months of their start date.


A minimum of two years working with athletes in a Strength & Conditioning capacity is essential. This can be through work experience and internships if necessary. Applicants should be able to point to case studies where they’ve developed athletes’ physical qualities and show confidence in designing and implement training plans. Experience in preparing and delivering content for CPD workshops may help applicants get an edge on the competition.


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