A Sportswear Designer creates ideas for sporting apparel. They work with prints, colours, patterns and graphics to produce their final design. This requires research into consumer trends, technological innovation and brand heritage. Designing a kit for a club, for example, may require set colours and prints used in previous seasons.

A Sportswear Designer will usually start by creating a mood board. From this, they then propose several different design ideas. Once a design has been agreed, a Sportswear Designer creates size charts and produces samples using a range of materials, which are then fitted to prototypes. Their final product is then created from the most suitable sample.


The lines between fashion and sportswear are ever blurring. Sports shirts – especially from American sports such as basketball and American football – and caps are worn by celebrities and popularised in non-sporting settings. Often, a Sportswear Designer’s final product must not only suit physical activity, but also be stylish enough to wear on the street.


An undergraduate degree in an art-related field is essential. Product Design and Sports Technology qualifications may also prove beneficial.


Experience in Sportswear Design, expressed through a portfolio, is usually required. Applicants should be comfortable using a range of design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Quark Express and Acrobat.


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