An Agent handles athletes’ careers. They represent athletes in contract discussions with clubs and commercial partners, ensure agreements are suitable and manage transfers on behalf of the athlete. Athletes often confide in their Agent and ask for their support on personal issues.

An Agent has five areas of expertise: scouting, networking, negotiations and legal, marketing, and lifestyle management. Typical tasks relate to each of these areas. Scouting helps an Agent build a base of multiple athletes. Networking showcases athletes to potential clubs while negotiation allows them to sign deals on agreeable terms. Marketing brings in commercial deals that increase revenue, while lifestyle management enables an Agent to meet all of their athletes’ off-field needs.


In the 2017/18 Premier League season, £211 million was paid out to Agents from player sales.


Anyone can become an Agent - although it is recommended you consider your specific strengths and how you would help clients. This could be through expertise in accountancy, tax, law, contracts etc.


Experience is not essential, but helps to attract clients. Work experience at sports agencies helps build contacts in the game, while watching games can also help with networking. Previous dealings with legal issues, especially regarding contract law, stand an Agent in good stead.


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