A Personal Trainer works with an individual to improve their fitness. The individual will usually tell the Personal Trainer which aspect of their fitness they wish to improve and the Personal Trainer will then build a relevant programme that helps them achieve their goals. The most common of these are weight loss and gaining strength.

Personal Trainers educate their clients on how to lead a healthy life and often find themselves listening to their problems. They tend to work on a self-employed basis – meaning sessions can take place anywhere from a gym to a park – but businesses such as health clubs also employ Personal Trainers.


Personal Trainers need to fit around their clients. Expect early starts and late finishes to accommodate them – with plenty of time for a nap during the day!


It’s possible to gain a job as a Personal Trainer through vocational certificates such as Fitness Instructing and the Personal Training diploma. However, to set themselves apart from the crowd it’s advisable for applicants to hold a degree in Sport Science.


Many Personal Trainers start off as Fitness Instructors where they learn the basics of the job and how to work with a wide variety of people. This also allows them to build relationships and secure clients when they become a Personal Trainer. However, such experience is not essential. Applicants should be comfortable leading individuals in exercise and should be able to give examples of people they’ve helped to gain fitness. This could be from voluntary roles or as part of vocational study.


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