A Nutritionist educates athletes and coaching staff on diet, advising them on what to eat and drink to help maximise their performance. They’ll assess athletes’ body composition and analyse their diet to tailor an individual diet plan.

A Nutritionist works with catering staff to ensure the food and drink at the training ground is suitable for an athlete. They’ll also liaise with hotels that the athlete is staying in so that they have access to high quality nutrition at all times.


Nutritionists must educate athletes so they understand why they’re being asked to eat certain foods. If they’re working with a club’s academy, it’s important they educate athletes’ parents on suitable food and drink for an elite athlete.


An undergraduate degree in Sport Science is essential while an MSc in Sport Nutrition is also usually required. This will then put them on the Sport and Exercise Nutrition register. A PhD in Sport Nutrition is not essential, but helps to set applicants apart from the competition.


Experience of developing and implementing dietary programmes is essential. This does not have to have been in sport and can have been achieved through work experience or internships.


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