A Lifeguard looks after swimming areas, making sure all people are safe at all times. Identifying potential hazards, they carry out emergency procedures as and when required. Lifeguards are often employed at swimming pools and in open water areas such as beaches. They need to be strong swimmers, confident and able to remain focused for long periods of time.


Lifeguards rarely work typical 9-5 hours. The nature of the role means that shift work is common, making it popular with students and other demographics looking for flexible work.


To be a lifeguard at a swimming pool requires the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ), which proves someone can tread water for 30 seconds, surface dive to the foot of the pool, swim 50 metres in less than a minute and can dive into deep water. Lifeguards at open water areas need to hold a National Beach Lifeguard Qualification, which requires its holder to tread water for two minutes, swim 400 metres in less than eight minutes, and climb unaided out of deep water.


Once a candidate holds the above qualifications they are able to work as a Lifeguard.


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