A Facilities Manager ensures that the buildings and associated services at a sports club are well run. They oversee cleaning, security, maintenance, parking and a range of day-to-day activities. This requires the management of a range of permanent staff and contractors.

Working to health and safety regulations and ensuring standards are continually met in the club’s facilities, they plan the best ways to utilise space. It’s the Facilities Manager’s job to sign off on refurbishment, renovation and maintenance work done to buildings, as well as provide performance reviews for workers.


Any incidents that occur within the facilities are the concern of the Facility Manager. They therefore need to be well trained in the event of an emergency, such as a fire.


There are a variety of qualifications available that can lead to a career in Facilities Management. A foundation degree, HND or undergraduate degree in Facilities Management is beneficial, while Business Studies and Management qualifications are also looked on favourably. A qualification from the British Institute of Facilities Management can help an applicant set themselves apart from the competition.


Experience in administration, building, business, construction, engineering or management is desirable, while previous work as an Assistant Facilities Manager or similar role is essential.


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