An eSports manager leads a team of eSports players as they compete in competitions across the globe. They manage their players and make sure they are all able to perform at their best in competitions.

Much of the role focuses on the commercial element. An eSports manager has to liaise with tournament organisers, deal with sponsors, engage with fans, create content for social media and keep the Chief Marketing Officer updated with their team’s progress. Ultimately it is their job to raise awareness of the eSports team.


Wolfsburg were the first football club to recruit their own eSports member. Benedikt Saltzer was signed in 2015. Such was his success that there are now over 150 professional football clubs who employ their own eSports players and managers.


There are no formal qualifications needed to become an eSports manager.


Applicants should have a comprehensive knowledge of the latest and most popular video games. An awareness of eSports policies and industry standards is desirable, while experience of working in and leading a team, as well as managing equipment and a budget, is highly encouraged. Impressive historical eSports performances, rankings and tournament wins will also add strength to an application.


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