The Chief Stadium Engineer plans, designs and engineers sports stadiums and similar facilities. They work closely with Architects to bring initial drawings to life. Computer aided design and relevant software aids this process. The Chief Stadium Engineer assesses materials, time and cost, regularly relaying information to the client. They lead a large and diverse team that works on areas as varied as the stadium structure, acoustics, lighting and waste management. Health and safety procedures must be met at all times while any risks are reported immediately.


Building a sports stadium brings with it unique challenges. Human traffic flow is one of the major concerns. Stadiums need to accommodate up to 100,000 people all arriving at a similar time, taking a break at half time and all leaving together. Sophisticated design needs to be incorporated to prevent blockages, congestion and evacuation in case of emergency. Other challenges include making a stadium multi-purpose so it can host activities such as athletics, building a retractable roof and including cooling systems.


An undergraduate degree in Engineering is essential, while a Masters degree in some form of Engineering is often required. A Chief Stadium Engineer should also hold chartered engineer status.


Extensive experience of engineering stadiums is essential. Ideally, this will have been in a number of different areas to give a sound overall understanding of the process. Previous work as a Structural Engineer, Design Engineer or Civil Engineer is required.


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