A Chairperson oversees the running of a sports club. They lead board meetings and are in charge of the club committee. Regular interaction with the coaching staff is required. The Chairperson creates the club’s strategy and vision, guiding all departments toward one overall goal. This requires conflict management, delegation and trust. Ultimately, they must empower colleagues to make important decisions that shape the club’s future – including sacking the First Team Manager.


The exact role of a Chairperson varies depending on the level at which they are operating. Elite clubs have Chief Executive Officers and Chief Operation Officers who can take plenty of responsibility. Lower level clubs rarely have such luxury, meaning the Chairperson truly is involved in all aspects of the club.


There are no specific education requirements to become a Chairperson. Typically, they work their way up from another role or invest in the club, essentially buying their position on the Board of Directors. An undergraduate degree and an MBA give skills that are beneficial, but such qualifications are not essential.


Many Chairpersons come from a business background. Proven leadership in business and finance is therefore desirable. Those who work their way up must have proven experience of organising and leading a team to achieve objectives set by a sports club.


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