A Cameraperson operates a digital, film or electronic camera. Working closely with a production team, they capture a wide range of material. This may involve filming a live sports match, shooting interviews or working with commercial partners. They decide the best angles to shoot from, identify any risks such as rain or glare and assess lighting. On occasions, a Cameraperson may need to edit their own footage using computer software.


A Cameraperson must repair, clean and maintain their equipment. They need to be comfortable operating expensive equipment and setting it up – which may include the use of tripods, monitors, cables, leads and headphones.


Skills and experience are valued over formal education. A qualification in a Journalism or Media related field at undergraduate level is beneficial, but not essential.


Some companies may take on employees straight after leaving school if they show good technical skills. Many camera operators begin their career by working in entry-level roles at broadcasting companies, such as a Runner or Production Assistant. Industry experience is key – work experience and internships can help make a difference and enable a Cameraperson to build a network of contacts. A portfolio of work that demonstrates technical skills in camera operating can help convince an employer to hire a specific Cameraperson.


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