A Brand Manager works with a sports club, media outlet or brand to grow their business, improve its appearance and increase sales. Making sure all marketing activity relates to key strategies and philosophies, the Brand Manager ensures the business resonates with consumers and maintains a positive image.

They monitor market trends, carry out consumer research and executive marketing campaigns. Their knowledge of the brand they represent is second to none.


A Brand Manager needs to be able to deal with crises. If incidents happen where the brand is damaged, it’s up to them to rebuild the brand’s identity and create a favourable impression amongst consumers.


An undergraduate degree is usually required. There is no set subject, but Communications, Journalism or Business degrees are all looked upon favourably. A marketing qualification from the CIM, IDM, SMM or CAM can help set an applicant apart from the competition.


Entry-level roles don’t always require experience in brand management. Instead, the demonstration of key skills such as writing, strategic thinking and problem solving is deemed most important. Relevant work experience and the completion of relevant internships are advantageous. More senior roles demand a thorough understanding of consumer landscapes, a track record of excellence in brand management, case studies involving strategic thinking and numerous instances of leading marketing activations from start to finish.


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