An Accountant records business transactions and keeps financial records for a sports organisation or athlete. Keeping the accounts for the entire organisation or athlete, they conduct audits to assess finances, examine any irregularities or risks and give advice on how to run more efficiently. On a day-to-day basis they examine statements, deal with invoices, prepare tax returns, keep accounting systems up to date and produce reports for internal stakeholders.


There are many fields within accounting that an Accountant can choose to specialise in. These include tax accountants, payroll clerks, billing clerks, and internal auditors.


A Maths or Economics qualification at A-Level or undergraduate degree level is desirable, but not essential. To become an Accountant, completion of an accountancy course is required. The AAT Certificate is the minimum requirement. This gives participants the basic skills needed for accountancy and allows them to begin entry-level positions in accountancy. Chartered accountancy can then be achieved by taking higher level qualifications, such as those provided by ACA, ACCA or CIMA. These qualifications, when combined with several years of experience, open up more senior jobs in accounting.


Experience as an Accountant is necessary for midweight and senior roles in accountancy. Education and qualifications tend to be prioritised over experience.


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